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Solar Philippines Central_Mall_Binan

Central Mall Biñan

SP entered a Solar Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Premiumlink Development Corp. in February 2014 for a rooftop project on Central Mall Biñan. The project was financed by Solar Philippines. Under the PPA, the mall consumes the plant’s output to augment 30% of its electricity needs. Solar Philippines charges the mall monthly for the electricity it consumes at below Meralco rates. 

Solar Philippines CityMall_Roxas

CityMall Roxas

SP entered into a Solar Power Purchase Agreement with CityMall Commercial Centers, Inc. in April 2014 for a 586 kWrooftop project on CityMall Roxas, scheduled to open on December 12, 2014.

The mall consumes the plant’s output to augment 40% of its electricity needs. Solar Philippines will charge the mall monthly for the energy at below CAPELCO rates.

Solar Philippines SM_North_Edsa


SP and SM Prime Holdings Inc. entered into a Lease Agreement on June 2014 to rent the top floor of the SM North EDSA parking building for a 1.5MW solar plant.

The project was fully financed by Solar Philippines. Under the Feed-in-Tariff-Lease (FIT-Lease) model, energy is fed to the grid at the rate of P9.68 per kWh.

Solar Philippines Robinsons_Place_Palawan

Robinsons Place Palawan

SP entered into an EPC Agreement with Robinsons Land Corporation (RLC) in August. 2014 to construct a 1.2 MW solar plant on the rooftop of Robinsons Place Palawan.

Construction is being financed by Solar Philippines, with the system to be purchased by RLC upon its operationalization.

SM Prime building largest Commercial Solar Rooftop

Retail giant SM Prime Holdings Inc. is building the largest commercial solar rooftop in the Philippines as part of its commitment to use clean, renewable and sustainable energy in its operations.

SM Prime president Hans T. Sy said a 1.5-megawatt (1,500 kilowatt) solar rooftop is currently being built at the SM City North Edsa which will be used to power up a significant portion of the mall’s energy requirements.

The solar rooftop project, the largest of its kind on a commercial establishment in the country, will be operational by October this year and make SM City North Edsa the largest solar-powered mall in the world. It will be built by Solar Philippines, led by its president Leandro L. Leviste, the same company behind the other largest commercial solar rooftop installations in the country. 


Solar Philippines Farms

An impending power crisis in 2015 is set to hit our country, with electrical rates projected to shoot up. Save your business from the crisis with our large-scale solar solutions tailor-fit for your establishment.


Solar Philippines Residential

Solar Philippines is making international solar solutions now available to Filipinos by partnering with top-tier brands. Combined with our in-house team of solar energy experts, you can be sure that your establishment can go solar with the best company in the country.


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With the realization that fossil fuels are not sustainable, both financially and environmentally, companies are looking at solar as the new global trend in energy. 

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